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In Canada, plans to watch the latest films will most likely involve a trip to Cineplex. As the largest cinema chain in the country, it’s the go-to place for many who want to go to the movies.

Want to get to know Cineplex better? There’s a lot to learn about this chain with its size and history, so you’re in for a ride.

Below are the estimated Cineplex ticket prices.

Item Price


Adult - Regular $13.99
Child (3-13) - Regular $8.99
Senior (65+) - Regular $9.99

VIP 19+

Adult - VIP 19+ $25.99


Adult - UltraAVX $16.99
Child (3-13) - UltraAVX $11.99
Senior (65+) - UltraAVX $12.99

UltraAVX 3D

Adult - UltraAVX 3D $18.99
Child (3-13) - UltraAVX 3D $13.99
Senior (65+) - UltraAVX 3D $14.99


Adult - IMAX 3D $19.99
Child (3-13) - IMAX 3D $12.99
Senior (65+) - IMAX 3D $13.99


Adult - 4DX $24.99
Child (3-13) - 4DX $19.99
Senior (65+) - 4DX $20.99
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Quick History

Cineplex traces its roots back to 1912 when its predecessor, the Famous Players Film Company which will later become known worldwide as Paramount Pictures, started out. While the company only really started operating in Canada in 1920, the chain still likes to include this tiny tidbit in their company history.

In any case, Cineplex really only started out in 1916 when Nathan Nathanson established the Paramount Theatre chain. It was purchased later on by the Famous Players Film Company in 1920. Nathanson maintained his control over the company, however, and became the first president of the Famous Player Canadian Corporation. Three years later, they purchased their competitor, the Allan Theatres which helped them grow in size exponentially.

Cineplex was established in 1979, established by Nat Taylor and Garth Drabinsky. It can be considered as an entirely different entity as the Famous Players Canadian Corporation but because Taylor operated several cinemas for the said chain and developed several techniques that helped the industry grow over the decades, the close ties of Cineplex to the historic chain is undeniable.

One notable thing about Cineplex is that its first location in Toronto Eaton Centre is a Guinness World Record holder for housing the most cinema screens in one multiplex at the time. It opened with 18 screens with 3 more added later on.

In 1999, Galaxy Entertainment was founded to tap the areas that are usually served by small, independent cinema operators with outdated equipment. They will merge later on with Cineplex after a few changes of hands. Together, they will then acquire Famous Players as well as a good number of AMC Theaters’ Canadian locations as they divest from the region to focus on their US operations.

Today, Cineplex Entertainment operates with several divisions and subsidiaries offering a diverse portfolio.

Special Offers

Being the largest cinema chain in Canada, moviegoers can expect a lot of exciting offers from Cineplex. They certainly have the facilities to offer different sorts of movie experience to patrons, making them a top choice for film lovers of all ages.

Aside from the traditional 2D movie format, Cineplex also screens several premium formats. These actually make up 40% of their box office revenues over the last couple of years.

For a next level movie viewing experience, they offer UltraAVX, ScreenX, IMAX, RealD-3D, D-BOX, and 4DX. UltraAVX and ScreenX let patrons watch their choice of films on larger screens. UltraAVX may only have wall-to-wall screens but they offer 4K picture. ScreenX, on the other hand, employs 270º panoramic screens that will put viewers in the middle of the scene they’re watching. They also have about 30 IMAX screens, five of which have 70 mm film playback.

For a more immersive movie viewing experience, they offer the RealD-3D, D-BOX, and 4DX formats. D-Box will let patrons feel the movie through the motions their seats will make while 4DX comes with an array of practical effects that will make moviegoers feel like they’re really a part of the movie.

For those who are looking for a classic movie experience but in an elevated manner, they have the VIP and Prime Seats. The VIP experience will let patrons enjoy premium facilities with recliner chairs with tables, VIP Lounge areas with a licensed bar, and in-seat meal services. Prime Seats will give patrons the best seats in the house.

A large number of Cineplex sites are also more than just traditional movie theaters. They also feature arcade areas, many of which are now known as Xscape Entertainment Centre. This adds more things patrons can enjoy when going to the movies, making their trip a lot more enjoyable.

The latest trick up Cineplex’ sleeves is their CineClub. This is a monthly subscription service that will provide members with a lot of perks like a free movie every month, special ticket prices, as well as 20% discount on concession items. It’s a promising bid to draw moviegoers to the theatres as regulations flip flop with the ever-changing times.

Cineplex Prices

With everything mentioned above, some might think that Cineplex ticket prices are rather steep. However, that’s not really the case. They have a wide price range since they have a lot of offers available. There are also lots of ways how to score discounts so a visit to Cineplex doesn’t always come with a pricey affair.

To find an Cineplex near your location, visit their official website.

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