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In the UK, when someone says they’re going to the movies, it’s highly likely that they’re heading to a Cineworld theater. As the biggest cinema chain in the country, it, unsurprisingly, has a few more other superlatives attached to its name. With these, it has certainly made its name in the local movie industry.

Below are the estimated Cineworld ticket prices.

Item Price


Regular Pricing

Adult - 2D - Regular £14.00
Child (Up to 14 Years Old) - 2D - Regular £11.50
Family - 2D - Regular £46.00
Senior - 2D - Regular £12.00
Student - 2D - Regular £12.00

With Cineworld Plus (£4.95 Annual Fee)

Adult - 2D - Cineworld Plus £12.67
Child (Up to 14 Years Old) - 2D - Cineworld Plus £10.42
Family - 2D - Cineworld Plus £41.68
Senior - 2D - Cineworld Plus £10.87
Student - 2D - Cineworld Plus £10.87

3D D-Box

Regular Pricing

Adult - 3D D-Box - Regular £16.20
Child (Up to 14 Years Old) - 3D D-Box - Regular £13.10
Family - 3D D-Box - Regular £52.40
Senior - 3D D-Box - Regular £13.60
Student - 3D D-Box - Regular £13.60

With Cineworld Plus (£4.95 Annual Fee)

Adult - 3D D-Box - Cineworld Plus £14.85
Child (Up to 14 Years Old) - 3D D-Box - Cineworld Plus £11.86
Family - 3D D-Box - Cineworld Plus £47.44
Senior - 3D D-Box - Cineworld Plus £12.31
Student - 3D D-Box - Cineworld Plus £12.31
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Quick History

Among all of its impressive achievements, history is one of the areas Cineworld has to improve on. Since it was only founded in 1995, it’s a relatively young movie institution but it doesn’t mean that it lacks in terms of experience and legacy. It’s quite the opposite, in fact.

For starters, Cineworld was founded by a former top executive of Warner Brothers, Steve Wiener. The New York native moved to the UK to become the Managing Director of the brand’s Europe division, calling important shots for their massive operations. After four years in the said post, however, he and his wife were able to raise capital to start their own cinema company.

From the beginning, the goal of the Wieners were to start a business in the movie industry that they can then sell to a big operator later on. They definitely know the way around, so the plan was feasible. They were able to pull it off after nine years in operation when they sold Cineworld to the Blackstone Group for £120m.

The acquisition kicked off major growth in the company. From a few seven-multiplexes, the next step they took was to acquire UGC (Union Générale Cinématographique) – the second largest cinema operator in Europe.

UGC is a French cinema operator but is also in the fields of film production and distribution. They primarily work on creating French-dubbed films. Cineworld acquired their UK and Ireland chains which comprised 41 cinemas with 391 screens in the UK and 1 cinema and 17 screens in Ireland.

In 2012, Cineworld was able to add heritage and history to their portfolio by acquiring the Picturehouse Cinema chain. This chain is composed of a series of historic movie houses including Scotland’s oldest cinema still in use, the Cameo, Bath’s Little Theatre, Brighton’s Duke of York Picture House, and Brixton’s the Ritzy Cinema among many others. Lots of the theaters under the Picturehouse chain have close ties with Britain’s film industry, so they tend to add some gravitas to the brand’s newness in the field.

Further increasing the size of Cineworld’s operations is their merger with the Cinema City International N.V and acquisition of US’ Regal Entertainment Group. Cinema City International added 99 multiplexes and 966 screens to their portfolio while Regal brought in 549 theaters and 7200 screens.

Leading Cinema Chain

With all of the numbers mentioned above, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that Cineworld is the number one theater operator in the UK. This is both in terms of box office market share and number of screens. They also run Cineworld Dublin which is the largest multiplex in Ireland and Cineworld Glasgow Renfrew Street which is the tallest cinema in the world.

Exciting Offers

Aside from its sheer size, Cineworld has a lot more to offer. They screen films in seven different ways, offering viewers a lot of options when it comes to their movie experience. You can go for the normal 2D, the special and exclusive VIP experience, or the more immersive 3D, 4DX, IMAX, Superscreen, and ScreenX screenings.


Cineworld’s immersive movie experiences are all guaranteed to amp up the viewing pleasure of moviegoers of all ages. And even their more traditional offers will still beat seeing an amazing film on a small screen.

Cineworld Prices

Cineworld prices are very competitive when compared to other local cinema chains. They also offer discounts to members of My Cineworld, their loyalty program. They also offer the Unlimited program which will let customers watch an unlimited number of films for a monthly fee.

To find an Cineworld near your location, visit their official website.

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