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Australian cinema has a rich history so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that its biggest players in the movie theater department also have long legacies. Event Cinemas, for one, can trace its roots to the early days of the industry. This is why lots of experts consider it to be a key player in the development of the local film trade.

As the largest movie exhibitor in Australia, Event Cinemas will be hard to miss with its 140 locations in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. It’s also worth noting if you’re a movie lover in the region.

Below are the estimated Event Cinemas ticket prices.

Item Price


Adult (16+) - Standard $21.00
Child (3-15) - Standard $16.00
Pensioner - Standard $17.50
Senior - Standard $16.00
Student - Standard $17.50


Morning and Afternoon Showtimes

Adult (16+) - Vmax - Morning and Afternoon $25.00
Child (3-15) - Vmax - Morning and Afternoon $20.00
Pensioner - Vmax - Morning and Afternoon $21.50
Senior - Vmax - Morning and Afternoon $20.00
Student - Vmax - Morning and Afternoon $21.50

Evening Showtimes

Adult (16+) - Vmax - Evening $26.00
Child (3-15) - Vmax - Evening $21.00
Pensioner - Vmax - Evening $22.50
Senior - Vmax - Evening $21.00
Student - Vmax - Evening $22.50

Gold Class

Adult (16+) - Gold Class $42.00
Child (3-15) - Gold Class $42.00
Pensioner - Gold Class $42.00
Senior - Gold Class $42.00
Student - Gold Class $42.00
Ultimate Gold Class Package for Two $155.00


Adult (16+) - 3D $29.00
Child (3-15) - 3D $22.00
Pensioner - 3D $23.50
Senior - 3D $22.00
Student - 3D $23.50
3D Glasses $1.00
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Quick History

On paper, Event Cinemas has only been around since 2009. This was when some sites of Greater Union Cinemas were renamed and rebranded to Event Cinemas. The name was further established in 2015 when the Amalgamated Holdings Limited (AHL) was renamed Event Hospitality and Entertainment.

But like what was mentioned above, Event Cinemas has always been a key player in the ups and downs of Australian cinema in the past decade. This is because they can trace their roots back to 1913 when The Combine was formed.

The Combine was a merger between The Greater J.D. Williams Amusement Co (Union Theatres) and the General Film Company of Australasia (Australasian Films) which was a prior combination of three major players in the local film industry: West’s Pictures, Spencer’s Pictures and Amalgamated Pictures. This partnership was very influential and made choices that had huge impacts on the local movie scene. Many blamed them, actually, for hampering the growth of local trade.

Before The Combine was formed, Australian producers were deemed as one of the most prolific makers of feature films. This was the time when the first feature-length film, The Kelly Gang, was made. The competition between the Amalgamated Pictures, West’s Pictures, and Spencer’s Pictures was said to be the driving force for this.

When they banded together, however, they ended up preferring imported films instead. They were also very reluctant in playing movies made by other local producers. All of these were blamed for the decline of local cinema and the closure of many Australian production outfits.

Despite the criticisms, The Combine flourished in the 1920s alongside Hollywood’s golden age. However, the Great Depression hit and it created a ripple to Australian cinema since they were reliant on imported films. This started a number of mergers and acquisitions starting with the liquidation of the Union Theatres to a new outfit known as the Greater Union Theatres.

A number of mergers and acquisitions followed over the decades with Greater Union staying on top of things. Today, they operate under seven different brands as the Greater Union Organisation with Event Cinemas as one of their trade names.

Special Offers

As the leading movie exhibitor in Australia, it can be expected that they offer a few different formats to patrons. They have quite a number of fun options that are designed to take moviegoers’ experience to the next level.

The Gold Class and Boutique start off the list as the VIP formats of the brand. This offer includes reclining seats in theatres that are designed to accommodate fewer patrons for more exclusivity and luxurious viewing. They also have in-cinema food-and-drink service.

V-Max is designed for those who want to get the highest quality in terms of picture and sound. These features are paired with larger seats and venues.

Of course, Event Cinemas also have immersive viewing experiences like the Digital 3D, 4DX, and IMAX with Laser. These offer cutting-edge movie technology that are widely enjoyed around the globe today.

Event Cinemas is also dipping their toes in the video-on-demand business with the CineBuzz on Demand. This is available to the members of the brand’s loyalty program.

Event Cinemas Prices

With its position in the local market, Event Cinemas’ prices are pretty much the benchmark in the industry. They offer lots of different ways to cut costs, though, so patrons can definitely get more bang for their buck here.

To find an Event Cinemas near your location, visit their official website.

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