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2023. Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

Below are the estimated Harkins ticket prices.

Item Price


Adult (Standard) $10.50
Child (3-13) (Standard) $6.50
Matinee (Standard) $8.00
Military (Standard) $8.00
Senior (60+) (Standard) $7.50
Student (Standard) $8.00


Adult (3D) $13.50
Child (3-13) (3D) $8.50
Matinee (3D) $11.00
Military (3D) $11.00
Senior (60+) (3D) $10.50
Student (3D) $11.00


Adult (IMAX) $15.00
Child (3-13) (IMAX) $11.00
Senior (60+) (IMAX) $12.00
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It all began way back in 1933, when Dwight Harkins opened the State Theatre in Arizona. This was remarkable because Dwight at the time was only 18 years old. Dwight opened an outdoor theatre in 1934 (though it only lasted for the summer), and the College Theatre in 1940. The College Theatre is now called the Harkins Valley Art.

Perhaps because of his youth, Dwight preferred to feature innovations. The College Theatre featured automatic drinking fountains (new at the time), carpets that glowed in the dark to help guide movie patrons, and even headphones for the hearing-impaired.

Harkins offer no-fuss movie experiences, where you get HD images and good audio, with comfortable seating and pleasantly affordable prices. It’s true that the Harkins brand isn’t as big as AMC and the other large chains. But it thrives in the box office industry because of its reliable services and reasonable costs.


All the Harkins screens sue modern digital projection technology. The Cine1 theatres also feature immense screens that can go up to 70 feet wide. The laser projector provides the crisp and clear images.
For audio, movie patrons are treated to the high-tech 3D Dolby sound system, with at least 175 individual speakers spread out all over the walls and ceiling. Headphones for the hearing-impaired are available, and the cup holder on the seat offers the closed caption screen.

During the summer, Harkins may also offer special programs such as art films, indie movies, and movies especially geared towards children. There may be ballet and opera shows (including live performances) as well.


Harkins has the regular theatres, along with the special Cine1 theatres. You can purchase tickets for these theatres online (either through the website or through an app), or at the box office (which may cost less). Online tickets cost more because you’re allowed to pick your reserved seats.

Just be on time, because the movie always starts punctually. At least it’s easy to find your seats, as the labeling system is similar to football stadium seating. The screens even feature a Speaking of seats, the seats in the regular Harkins theatres are fully padded rocker seats with ample space for large bodies and long legs.

The standard cup holders are present as well. The first row of seats also features the more advanced Ultimate Lounger seats, which is what you find in the costlier Cine1 theatres. The Cine1 theatres generally cost a couple of bucks more, but for most people, these seats are worth every extra penny.

The Ultimate Lounger seats look like a super-comfortable leather recliner. It’s basically like enjoying a premium Lazy Boy while you sit back and relax while enjoying your movie. With the huge HD screen and premium sound system, it’s truly a wonderful viewing experience.

There’s usually a souvenir shop in a Harkins theatre, where you can buy movie-themed cups and shirts. Parents can enjoy a date night even with very young children in tow, as some Harkins theatres have PlayCenters where they can leave their children in a very safe setting. The children are supervised properly while mommy and daddy enjoy the movies.

To find an Harkins near your location, visit their official website.

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