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For generations, Odeon Cinemas have been providing some of the most memorable movie experiences to the people of the UK, Ireland, and Norway. It’s also one of the best known in the said countries, being the most established brand with an excellent track record and notable legacy.

Once the largest cinema operator in the UK and Ireland (replaced by Cineworld after a few recent acquisitions), Odeon Cinema is a part of the largest cinema chain in the world. As a subsidiary of AMC Theaters, patrons can expect more growth from the brand as time goes on.

Below are the estimated Odeon Cinema ticket prices.

Item Price


Standard Seating

Adult - 2D - Standard £13.00
Child (12 and Under) - 2D - Standard £9.75
Teen (13-17) - 2D - Standard £10.75
Senior - 2D - Standard £11.25
Student - 2D - Standard £10.75

Premier Seating

Adult - 2D - Premier £14.60
Child (12 and Under) - 2D - Premier £11.35
Teen (13-17) - 2D - Premier £12.35
Senior - 2D - Premier £12.85
Student - 2D - Premier £12.35


Standard Seating

Adult - IMAX 3D - Standard £18.00
Child (12 and Under) - IMAX 3D - Standard £14.75
Teen (13-17) - IMAX 3D - Standard £15.75
Senior - IMAX 3D - Standard £16.25
Student - IMAX 3D - Standard £15.75

Premier Seating

Adult - IMAX 3D - Premier £19.60
Child (12 and Under) - IMAX 3D - Premier £16.35
Teen (13-17) - IMAX 3D - Premier £17.35
Senior - IMAX 3D - Premier £17.85
Student - IMAX 3D - Premier £17.35
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Quick History

Among the biggest and most popular cinema chains in the UK, Odeon is certainly among those with closer ties to their heritage. The brand pretty much stayed intact over the years despite what it had to go through. It survived a war, several acquisitions (which may just feel like the same thing), and major risks like international expansions.

Odeon traces its roots back to 1928. It was founded by Oscar Deustch, a British businessman and seemed to have a knack for running such establishments. So much so that in just 1933, they already had 26 locations and the brand ‘Odeon’ had already become a household name. It became synonymous to ‘cinema’ or ‘movie theatre’, an excellent testament to the success of the brand. This is quite a feat as the name ‘Odeon’ was only first used in 1930.

An interesting bit about Odeon Cinema’s name is the conflicting background it has. Publicists of the brand say and would like the public to believe that it’s an acronym for the founder’s motto: “Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation”.

However, experts don’t think it’s true because the word is so much like the Greek ‘Odeion’ which means ‘a place for singing’. The term was also already used in Italy and France during the 1920. In addition, the word ‘nickelodeon’ was believed to be coined in 1888 and subsequently used in the US to describe small cinemas.

It should be noted that from the get-go, the Odeon cinemas were meant to stand out. They were specially designed to be spectacular, much unlike all the other cinemas in the country during its early days. This may have helped draw in a lot more spectators and helped the brand make a mark in the burgeoning industry. In 1941, 142 locations were specially built for the Odeon Cinema.

Further growth was ushered in when the Rank Organisation bought some interest in the business. The group would later on acquire the local operations of Paramount Pictures, an American TV and film production and distribution company.

Several acquisitions and sales were done in the 2000s which then led to Odeon being merged with UCI cinemas. The brand was then later sold to AMC Theatres in 2016. This made it the largest cinema chain in the UK in terms of market share. However, in terms of size, Cineworld may have overtaken its places already.

Exciting Offers

As its history would suggest, it can be expected for Odeon to always strive to provide a different experience to their guests. They may not be doing it the same way Deutsch did before with spectacular architecture and interiors but they’re still coming up with exciting offers that will make the moviegoing experience unique.

How? Well, they have a roster of exciting features, special showings, and high-end facilities that set their brand apart from other competing cinema chains.

For starters, they host special screenings that are specially designed to cater to those with persons with sight and hearing disabilities and autism. They host special screenings once a month for folks with autism and offer special features for those with hearing and sight loss.

Luxury is also a main offer by Odeon. The Odeon Luxe Leicester Square is dubbed as a grand palace of entertainment. It’s a popular venue for premieres and equipped with technology, amenities, and services that are truly world-class.

Of course, they also excel in terms of the screening itself. There are several ways moviegoers can enjoy a flick – ranging from the traditional to larger than life.

Odeon Cinema Prices

With how spectacular their offers can be, you might think Odeon Cinema prices are out of reach. However, this isn’t the case. Sure, their luxury offers are a bit higher than what their competitors offer but they also have fantastic deals for regular moviegoers. They also provide means for their customers to save on their visit so they can come back for more movie nights.

To find an Odeon Cinema near your location, visit their official website.

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