Regal Cinemas Concession Prices

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2023. Prices may vary by location and are updated frequently.

When it comes to going to the movies, one of the highlights for many people is enjoying some delicious snacks from the concession stand. And when it comes to movie theaters with great concession options, Regal Cinemas is often at the top of the list. In this article, we’ll take a look at the long history of Regal Cinemas concession and what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Here are the latest Regal Cinemas concession prices.



Popcorn (Small)$6.89
Popcorn (Medium)$7.89
Large Poporn$8.89
Popcornopolis (Caramel)$6.69
Popcornopolis (Zebra)$7.69
Cheetos Popcorn$6.99


Movie Snack Pack (popcorn, drink, candy)$6.29
Candy (Medium)$3.99
Candy (Large)$4.89

Hot Food

Hot Dog$5.99
Corn Dog Nuggets$4.49
Gourmet Pretzel$4.49
Pretzel Bites$6.59
Cinnabon Gooey Bites$4.79
Cheeseburger & Fries$8.49
Chicken Tenders & Fries$7.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich & Fries$8.79
Cheese Sticks$7.99
Fiesta Poppers$5.79
Onion Rings$4.99
Loaded Fries$6.99


Fountain Drink (Small)$5.69
Fountain Drink (Medium)$6.19
Fountain Drink (Large)$6.79
Upgrade to ICEE+$0.50
Bottled Water (Small)$4.99
Bottled Water (Large)$5.29


Gourmet Pretzel & Medium Soft Drink$9.99
Hot Dog & Medium Soft Drink$9.99
Nachos & Medium Soft Drink$9.99

A History of Delicious Snacks

Regal Cinemas has been around since 1989, when it was founded in Knoxville, Tennessee. Over the years, the company has grown to become one of the largest movie theater chains in the United States, with locations in 42 states. And throughout that time, Regal Cinemas has always placed a strong emphasis on providing high-quality, tasty snacks for its customers.

In fact, Regal Cinemas was one of the first movie theater chains to introduce gourmet snacks, such as hot dogs, pretzels, and nachos, to its concession stand menu. And they’ve continued to innovate and expand their offerings over the years, adding everything from gourmet popcorn to fresh-baked cookies and specialty drinks.

What Makes Regal Cinemas Concession Stand Out?

So, what sets Regal Cinemas concession apart from other movie theater chains? One key factor is their commitment to using high-quality ingredients. Regal Cinemas popcorn, for example, is made from kernels that are carefully selected for their taste and texture. The popcorn is then popped in a special blend of oils and seasoned with a unique blend of spices to create a delicious, savory snack that customers can’t get enough of.

Regal Cinemas also offers a wide variety of snack options to suit every taste and preference. In addition to classic movie theater snacks like popcorn and candy, they also offer healthier options like fresh fruit and yogurt parfaits. And for those who want something a little more substantial, Regal Cinemas serves up hot meals like chicken tenders and pizza.

But perhaps the biggest thing that sets Regal Cinemas concession apart from other movie theater chains is the overall experience. The company prides itself on creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for customers, with spacious seating areas, state-of-the-art sound and projection systems, and friendly staff who are always happy to help.


For moviegoers, the concession stand is often just as important as the movie itself. And when it comes to great concession options, Regal Cinemas is definitely a top contender. With a long history of providing delicious snacks and a commitment to quality and innovation, Regal Cinemas continues to be a go-to destination for movie lovers all across the country. So, the next time you’re heading to the movies, be sure to stop by the Regal Cinemas concession stand and treat yourself to something tasty!

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