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It’s always been said that Australian cinema is one of the most prominent around the globe. One good proof of this is Village Roadshow Limited which is, arguably, recognizable among movie fans around the globe. As a major film producer and distributor from Australia, their contributions to local cinema is certainly notable.

This is why, even though they’re not the biggest film exhibitor in the country, Village Cinemas still manage to be among the most popular in the field. With a parent company that excels in various areas of the entertainment industry, their exhibition arm can be expected to do great as well.

Below are the estimated Village Cinemas ticket prices.

Item Price


Adult- Vmax $25.00
Child (3-14) - Vmax $19.00
Concession - Vmax $21.50
Senior - Vmax $16.00
Student - Vmax $21.50
Total Movie Pack (2 Adult Tickets, 2 Large Drinks, 2 Choc Tops, and 1 Large Popcorn) - Vmax $69.00

Gold Class

Adult- Gold Class $42.00
Child (3-14) - Gold Class $42.00
Concession - Gold Class $42.00
Senior - Gold Class $42.00
Student - Gold Class $42.00


Adult- 4DX $30.00
Child (3-14) - 4DX $24.00
Concession - 4DX $26.50
Senior - 4DX $21.00
Student - 4DX $26.50
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Quick History

One of the more interesting things about Village Cinemas is that they have quite a unique start. Their first incarnation was not an indoor cinema like their current format. They actually started out as a drive-in theatre that sat next to the shopping strip Croydon Village. This is where the ‘Village’ name came from.

The Village Drive-In was opened in 1954 as an expansion of Kirby Theatres. They had 454-car capacity and expanded rapidly during the 1950s. They soon opened locations in Melbourne suburbs, as well as in other states. By the early 1960s, they already had 27 sites all over Tasmania and Victoria.

In 1967, the company entered the distribution arena and created Roadshow Distributors. They started producing films in the 1970s.

The advent of home video may have ushered in the end of days for drive-in theaters but Village Roadshow was quick to adapt to the changes by offering their own video distribution and rental services. When cinema multiplexes became in vogue, they also responded right away. In fact, they became pioneers in transforming their twin screens into multiplexes and updating their audio and video equipment.

After running independently for more than three decades, Village Roadshow partnered up with Warner Bros and Great Union in the late 80s to create a new cinema chain. This created the Australian Multiplex Joint Venture and started the company’s collaborations and partnerships with other players in the industry.

Despite working with others, the brand did not lose their knack in trying out new things. They continued to expand in other areas which helped create the Village Roadshow that we know today.

As for Village Cinemas, expansions reached overseas. Locally, they have 58 sites with around 600 screens in Australia.

Special Offers

Village Cinemas is often described as a cinema chain that dabbles in different kinds of films. Unlike other big players in the country, they don’t just play mainstream and blockbuster films. They also have screenings for artfilms, documentaries, and foreign language movies. This is quite unique as these movie genres are only mostly found in independent movie houses.

This is why one of the most notable experiences at Village Cinemas is their Cinema Europa. This concept screen is where the non-mainstream titles are played. They are usually separate areas in Village Cinemas sites and come with a licensed lounge bar and café for a more luxurious experience.

Another unique concept screen Village Cinemas has is the Coburg Drive-In. This is the last drive-in cinema under the brand and is one of the only three last-remaining drive-in theatres in Victoria. They play films on a33-metre wide screen with audio broadcasted on FM stereo. They also have a retro diner on site.

Like other brands, however, Village Cinemas also have more traditional and technologically advanced formats available. They have their Gold Class format which offers a luxurious movie viewing experience. It comes with cloakroom amenities, reclining seats, butlered refreshments, and ala carte menu offerings.

They also have VMax, Digital 3D, and  4DX formats. So if you want a more immersive movie experience, you can choose from any of the three. Not all sites have VMax and 4DX, however.

Village Cinemas Prices

Being in the industry for a very long time already, it can be expected that Village Cinemas prices are very competitive. Of course, their special formats are priced higher but since you’ll get something extra, it can be well worth the extra cost.

On a budget? They also have great deals that you can take advantage of.

To find an Village Cinemas near your location, visit their official website.

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